January 17th, 1949 ~ November 16th, 2009

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

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Please leave a comment on this post with memories, words, and love for Keith.


Melissa 'meljen' Jenkins said...

I love you dad, FOREVER and THIS MUCH, and I miss you terribly. Nothing will ever replace the spot you filled in my life. You were larger than life to me, and my hero from the time I was very little. I still cry sometimes. I know we'll be again together someday. I keep you in my heart, and look up at the night sky every day, knowing you're out there and we'll always be together forever, near or far.

Love your daughter, Melissa

Anonymous said...

I will miss you Dad! You were one of the best peopleI've ever had the previledge of knowing. Thnak you for always being there for Melissa and Me.

Love you,

Jared (Son-in-Law)

angel said...

melissa this is a beautiful blog. thank you for doing this for your dad. it brought tears to my ears as i read and remembered uncle Keith.

elaine said...

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man! Thank you sooo much Melissa! As the anniversary of Keith's passing draws near, my heart has been flooded with precious memories of him. I remember Keith's love for me throughout our growing up years. He watched out for me, protected me from harm, was a friend to me and was always there if I needed him. There are too many stories to tell, but they are held forever in my heart. He was truly a big brother in every sense!
Last year when my brother left this mortal existance it seemed so surreal. Logically I knew that he was leaving. When I was able to spend some time with him in October '09 at the hospital, I knew in my heart that it would be the last time we'd see each other. I knew soon he would be going HOME. I said my goodbyes and shoved it down deep into my heart because I didn't want to fall apart. I had to keep it together and carry on. As time has passed, my heart felt the healing touch of my Savior, as well as my brother, both have etermal love for me and both are in my heart always!
Thank you Melissa for this blog & the wonderful daughter you've been to your Dad! God bless you and your sweet family! <3

Cheri & Rod said...

What a beautiful tribute to Keith. We sure miss him & we're both crying as we read this blog:( We know he's happy now & busy doing the Lord's work. Thanks Melissa for putting this together!

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